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This new Acrobat anthology celebrates the early years of his recorded career at the dawn of the 1960s, a juncture in which Hard Bop, Soul Jazz and the Avant-Garde all jostled for primacy, and which found Ervin a player perfectly equipped for the times. Featuring all three of his initial albums as a leader – The Book Cooks, Cookin' and That's it! - together with selected appearances with bands led by vibraphonist Teddy Charles, pianists Horace Parlan and Mal Waldron and fellow-tenor Bill Barron (the rare Hot Line album), this 4-CD retrospective is accompanied by an extensive booklet note by award-winning saxophonist and author Simon Spillett, carefully re-examining Ervin's work, and uncovering much hitherto unknown information about his early life, alongside period photographs. (Discovery Records) 

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In 2012 Garmadon was redesigned. His helmet is gumetal/iron and also has a white bone in it, and the helmet has been remoulded to feature a longer visor. He has the same face as last year's minifigure, with slight modifications. Rather than having one torso as his previous variation and most other minifigures, Garmadon has two. His first one is slightly smaller than usual and has dark grey armour moulded onto it which is fit to go over much of the lower torso also. Though much of it is covered by the armour, the torso underneath is the same as his previous variation. The black legs now have printing depicting the purple belt extending from the torso into a knot and split into two sashes.

Ronin - Ronin E.P.Ronin - Ronin E.P.Ronin - Ronin E.P.Ronin - Ronin E.P.