Uncreation - return to chaos - Rapture Refuted! Pre-tribulation Rapture and.

Though wise and powerful beyond measure, Primus is neither infallible nor without weakness. At times he has been deceived by mere mortals , has made miscalculations which jeopardized all of existence , and has been betrayed by one of his earliest creations . Indeed, even the intended agents of his grand plan, the Transformers, have all too frequently become mired in endless civil war. Still, in most realities he has managed to hold the line against Unicron and other threats, either directly or through his innumerable children, the Transformers.

Its Old Persian equivalent is arta- . [c] In Middle Iranian languages the term appears as ard- . [a]

Uncreation - Return To ChaosUncreation - Return To ChaosUncreation - Return To ChaosUncreation - Return To Chaos